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WazAir Lightweight Belt

WazAir Lightweight Belt

Color: White
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In addition to the Wazair Kimono, the Wazair belt is constructed from a new, lightweight core wrapped in a similar ripstop fabric. 

Available in all ranks, the wazair belt sheds a considerable amount of weight also, complementing the kimono's weight-saving sensibilities. 



Ultra Premium Belt V8  - 1.2lbs 

Wazair Belt                     - 0.45lbs 

note: Weights vary upon size.  


Size guide

Sizes in Inches and Centimeters 
0 - Approx 97in/246.4cm
1 - Approx 103in/254cm
2 - Approx 113in/281.9cm
3 - Approx 123in/307.3cm
4 - Approx 133in/330.2cm
5 - Approx 144in/365.8cm

Care Guide

Wash Instructions:
  • Hand wash the belt separately using a mild detergent.
  • Use cold water to preserve the color and fabric.
  • Gently scrub any stained areas with care.
  • Rinse thoroughly to remove detergent.
Drying Instructions:
  • Air dry the belt naturally to prevent shrinkage.
  • Avoid direct sunlight to preserve the color.
  • Lay it flat or hang it to maintain its shape.
General Care Tips:
  • Regularly inspect for wear, loose threads, or damage.
  • Allow the belt to fully dry before storing.
  • If the belt gets wet during training, ensure it dries completely to prevent odor.
  • Wash the belt periodically to maintain cleanliness and hygiene.
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