Sizing Breakdowns

What is my size in Shoyoroll Gi's?

Below is a general size chart for our kimonos. Please note that our gi's fit a little bigger than most brands to help compensate for future shrinkage. All our gi's also come pre-shrunk but since the fabric is made cotton there is always extra shrinkage regardless in the wash and dry cycle.

What size should I pick if i'm at bottom of the size chart for my body type and weight?

Since our gi's run a little bigger. We usually recommend that you go down a size if you like your gi to be on the fitted side. Some people prefer to have their gi more on the loose side and in that case, we tell them to just follow the size chart.  

Disclaimer: Fit is very important to us and making sure people get in the right size is our #1 goal. We give each customer our best opinion on what size we think they may be, with the details they give us, to give the best recommendation. There are always factors of different body types that we sometimes can't always account for in each recommendation. If you have any questions at all about what size you would be in a Shoyoroll Gi, you can email us at Be sure to include your weight and height along with any other brands you currently use.

How much do Shoyoroll gi's shrink?

Depending on how you care for your gi's and dry your kimono. We like to say there is at least a 1-3 inch shrink factor on all white gis. Sometimes a 1-2 inch shrinkage on black or blue gis.