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Articulated Kimono [white]

Articulated Kimono [white]

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With a dedication to the improvement of function, the Articulated kimono features a plethora of adjustments, tweaks and upgrades to ensure both fit and form are at the forefront of our latest release.

The primary focus of the Articulated Kimono is range of motion and improved fit from the first roll to the last. Both jacket and pants feature a gusseted assembly which helps negate the stresses often put on the traditional kimono which, in turn, allows for an improved range of movement as well as durability.

The Articulated jacket has a mixed construction featuring a 525-gram Pearl Weave upper, alongside a 450-gram Judo weave skirt, alongside the aforementioned gusseted design to allow for a further range of movement throughout.

The pants are also made of a mixed construction featuring both 10. oz canvas and 450-Gram Judo Weave, along both the waistband and inner leg gusset and a twisted seam to allow for improved ergonomics. For enhanced durability, internal reinforcements have been fitted to the seat.

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